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Basement and Loft Conversion

Builder Sky Ltd has begun to offer a new service of the basement conversion, this service is good for people who do not have a garden, space for extension or loft conversion. Conversion of the basement is made up to different depths and sizes. We make new underpinning, retaining walls and digging to make new spaces for bedrooms, bathrooms, gym or storage, etc.

For more information, you can contact us directly, and we will help you with your basement conversion

Houses and Extensions

New home

New homes are a very important construction and require a lot of work and high quality to meet all requirements and standards. Building a new home is the best option to create what you want without a restriction. Builder Sky will help you build your dream home.

Every family must have their own home.


Extension of the house is a good option if it is not possible to build or buy a new house.

The extension of the house can be of several types: Side Extensions, Back Extensions, One or Two Levels,  which include the complete renovation of the house. Builder Sky builds all these types of extensions to give you as much space in the house without moving or building a new home.


Also deals with landscaping if it is required to finish a project or require specifications. Our team has plenty of experience and expertise to perform these tasks and can provide you with the necessary consultancy for the garden.


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